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December 1, 2007

Keric and Glow Friend

Heheh, Keric has a new toy that glows. Now he can have fun even in the dark ;D I'm thinking of doing a series of this theme. Just an idea though, cause knowing me, it might never happen :P

Keric and a glowing dildo

Messy version here

PS - I tested clicking on the pictures in this post and I don't know why but Blogger makes me download the pictures instead of loading it in the browser. Other picture links doesn't seem to do this. Anyone know what's up with Blogger? O_o


Anonymous said...

Blogger is on his "bitching days", dont pay him attention and he´ll be fine

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture/ x_____x

Anonymous said...

glow in the dark toys are so much fun. so... this picture = love.


Anonymous said...


JC said...

What a hot friggin' drawing man. Nice effect on the glow.

Anonymous said...

looks like me when i do it too :P

Unknown said...

how to draw keric or another???use wat system to draw ???Can some one tell me??

Unknown said...

cos i wan try to dry keric it is too nice

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