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November 3, 2011

Is Your Gay/Yaoi Art Site Getting Very Little Pageviews?


I know there are MANY talented gay/yaoi artists out there, who want to bring more people to their site.
And I know promoting can be expensive. After years of maintaining, I thought I'd offer a big help to other fellow gay erotica artists! offers $2 ad spaces for independent gay/yaoi artists!

The Details
Only $2?
Yep, the spaces are $2/day. You can buy an ad space up to 30 days.

How big?
The ads are sized at 125px by 125px. Like this:

Where will it be?
Your ad will be in the right sidebar, underneath where it says "SUPPORT INDIE GAY/YAOI ARTISTS!"

Why should I do this? gets 378,305+ pageviews a month. The amazing visitors here love gay/yaoi art, especially ones with muscular men. Just the kind you want to visit your site.

What's the catch?
There are only 4 slots. Hurry and get it!

Place an ad now, click here!

1. Choose how many days your ad will run.
2. Give your ad a nickname.
3. Upload your awesome image.
4. Type in your link.
- Optional: Click on "Show Preview".
5. Click on "Buy Now" and you'll be asked to register or login to Blogads.
6. Pay the fee and you're DONE!

Just send an email at