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March 13, 2011

The Humplex @ Facebook

Yay, the Humhunks are now on Facebook! I'll be adding guides, tips and sneak previews there in the future. Click on the like button and join us~! :D


Eplizo said...


Menntaiko~ said...

D: The Facebook Page was closed?

humbuged said...

Menntaiko, yes, I had to open a newer one :)

James! said...

Sadly many of us can't like you on facebook because we don't want the entire world to know we like gay elf porn. Even if it is amazingly delicious.

wishful; said...

Dear hum
whenever i try to access your facebook page it auto redirects me to my home page on facebook
why is this?

kobanya said...

It's a shame I refuse to get a Facebook. This is the most tempting reason to get one so far. Ah well.

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