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May 23, 2007

Away Time

Hey guys! I won't be able to update as much the next few days cause I'm off to visit my uncle who's getting married and then off to see my cousin for his wedding too! Gonna miss you all! BRB ;)

Keric, Cyl & Xerude


Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting for your porn!

Mad Dog said...

Nice to see the size difference between Xerude and the others. I think he should be Keric's dad. It's more ironic that way. :3

Anonymous said...

Aww!!! I hope everything goes well! Good luck! >wO

Anonymous said...

Aww, they almost look like a family. :D

Have a good trip. ^^

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time... I'll be thinking about you in your sarong. Let us know all about your time in a blog entry... ok?

Anonymous said...

Have Fun!
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Take care and have a fun trip...^^ I'll wait patiently with you HOT works :D

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