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May 9, 2007

Bunny Boy & Kitty Kid

Back at y!Gallry, I didn't have much of a chance to draw some furry art. It's fun to draw furry. Although I tend to draw humans first and then attach some animal anatomy :P

Yes, that's a carrot stuck in his bum.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that this would be considered "furry" at y!gallery, but knowing the way that they police over there, I wouldn't risk it either.

This is more "kemonomimi", as y!g likes to classify it; tails and ears alone do not make something "furry".

But less about technicalities and more about yaywoo you're posting new art! Big fan, love your style, etc~

Looking forward to checking your blog regularly now.

Koryan said...


I adore this picture. ^^

Anonymous said...

Cute. XD

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