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May 12, 2007

Dark Elf

Ok, this dark elf looks scary LOL. I saw a Chris Daughtry musci video so that's why I made this elf bald :P It was fun drawing him. He's loving that big tool in him :P Actually, at first, I wanted to do a hairy pretty boy but it SO didn't fit! It did look pretty funny though...

And lately, I like to make REALLY messy pics...all thanks to Kfutaba!

Messy version here
Hairy pretty boy version here


Anonymous said...

hehe,you've been on a drawing spree lately!Which is really good for us fans!This Dark Elf you drew is really hot!Nice face,with a smexy expression and a great body and pen0r!Nice nipplez as well.Oh,and he's very hairy,which add even more hotness to him!I really love how you've drawn his body hair.Finally,the pose is really hot too!
Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, one of your hottest works yet!

Anonymous said...

Well,this might be considered old,with your fast posting pace,but it's really smokin' hot!I love this Dark Elf!What I totally adore is his face!!He's so handsome!And he's got a very sexy grin.Um,do you have any more drawings of him planned?^^;

Anonymous said...

Hot! Elves are hot in general. XD You were right, the pretty boy version didn't work out too well. XD Your messy pics are so drool worthy. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, the link to the messy version of this picture no longer works. :(

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