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May 15, 2007

Diet & Training

Ok, because of this blog, I've been neglecting my diet & training. Not that I don't like the blog, it's just that when I'm in drawing mode, I tend to forget everything else :P

I'm trying to gain some muscle mass cause being called skinny all my life is getting tiresome. Who knew gaining weight is hard :P I was 45kg 2-3 years ago. Now I'm at 65kg which is alright I guess but I want to at least look like Cyl, muscley and lean haha.


Anonymous said...

Man, I wanna bulk up too. But the commitment and, and - DISCIPLINE. And most of all, DIET! Can't keep it up.

I tried.

At least one thing's consistent - our ART FRENZY.

Unknown said...

I've been working on bulking up for almost two years now. It was really disappointing because for the first year and a bit I wasn't really seeing any results. Then all of a sudden one of my friends noticed that my arms were a lot bigger. XD Ever since I've been gaining muscle at a noticable rate, but it takes a lot of commitment. Whatever you do, don't get discouraged, and keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

:o You can multi-task! You can do it! Try to find a source of motivation. :3

Anonymous said...

how did you do ? I'm 52 right now !...
gorgeous, by the way ^^

Anonymous said...

Take a look into "Whey Protein" and see what you can find. It's really helpful if you're trying to start working out and have a relatively "slender" body type. Just remember, this is just a supplement and is NOT going to do the work for you. It's going to HELP you, but you have to put in time and effort to get that lean body ;)

Anonymous said...


Hummy I would so buy your underwear if you REALLY started to design some. Having your name near my crotch would be hot. ;)

humbuged said...

asmodeus: Hehe, yeah I gott work on my art too ;)

jaden: Wow, thanks! Always need a reminder to keep at it. Bulking muscles take up quite a long time.

diamind: You're right! :D

gab: I'm around 65kg now. The scale doesn't go over than that but I'm hoping it does at some point :P

anonymous: Yes, I've also bought some supplements to help :D

jeffy: lol, well i'd wanna wear my own designs too! haha

Koryan said...


I love Cyl, he's my favorite. x__x

So hot =]

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