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May 13, 2007

Naked Namor

Here's naked Namor letting it all hang out. Sometimes, non-action pics are hot too. I would've made him naked all the way but I like him wearing some clothes. Incidentally, he has pointed ears like an elf!


Anonymous said...

Wow!Awesome man!Very sexy!
You've been on fire lately!
You draw with OpenCanvas right?

humbuged said...

Yes I do. It's a really terrific software

Anonymous said...

I love it when it hangs out in tight pants. :o <3 You're my hero. *0* Very Hot and Smexy!

humbuged said...

thx man ;)

Anonymous said...

Surfed on over here from y!Gallery - you've been hoarding sexy from us!

Namor looks amazing in this pic - your musculature is fantastic! Dunno why, but I was surprised to see a dusting of hair on Sub-Mariner's prick; for some reason I got it in my head that Atlanteans are smooth because it provides them less resistance when swimming.

Like I've given Atlanteans a lot of thought. :P Not a criticism - just a confession of how weird my mind works.

Again, gorgeous pin-up. I'd love to see Namor run afoul of a kraken. :D~

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