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May 7, 2007

A Red Carpet Welcome

Hello! A warm welcome to all of you :)

This will be the place where Keric and his friends have fun and frolic (hopefully with each other ;) and here he is welcoming you to the Humplex!


Anonymous said...

First comment evar!!!

Sorry, I just had to do that. :) Hehe

The blog looks awesome already. This place is definately gonna be popular! Good luck with it Hum ^^

Anonymous said...

Congrats on starting a new place! Yay for more Keric and elves and all that stuff. <3 I look forward towards all of your smexilicious work. OwO

Anonymous said...

been reading your posts for 3 hours now and now that i'm at the end (or very first for that matter), i realize that you upped this site on my bday!

anyhoo, i'd like to commend you for your excellent flash games. i've been searching for these stuff forever and i only found yours (and iceman's) with yours as the most excellent. even keric and cyl started to get under my skin, if you know what i mean. so
keep up with the hummin!!!

ps. sorry for the anonymity. i'd love to email you, but am embarrassed since alas, i'm no tipper... still, cheers!

Anonymous said...

...starting a new place?
So where's the old one??
I don't hane any credit card,
(no money at all, to say it)
but as soon as i get I'll become a client!!!
All my congratulations for your works!
They're gorgeous...


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