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June 15, 2007

Commissions F.A.Q.

Updated on: 1st May 2015.

Art Commissions

Status: OPEN

Slot: 1 left.

How do I apply?

This is how I work:

  • Send an email of your commission to

  • Describe your commission the best way you can. For personal or commercial use? A solo scene? Group? With background? Write down how you imagine it to be. Provide as much info as you can. If you have references, even better!

  • I will reply back if I accept or decline your commission.

  • If I accept, I will give a quote on the illustration price.

What are your base prices?

For personal commissions, please refer to this pricing table.

Outlines (Sample)

Colored (Sample)

1 Character



1 Additional Character



Background / Props / Alternate Versions

Depends on difficulty

Depends on difficulty

What's the process?

  1. I will send you a sketch to approve. You are entitled to 2 revisions during this process.

  2. Once the sketch is approved, I will move on to outlines for approval. You are entitled to 2 revisions during this process.

  3. After outlines are approved, I will move on to colors for approval. You are entitled to 2 revisions during this process.

  4. Finally, I will give you a link to pay and download your final illustration.

Artwork format?

  • I usually draw on a square canvas, 2000 x 2000 pixels. If you want a different size (like perhaps an A3 poster), just write it down in your description.

  • Illustrations will be saved as a JPG file.

Terms & Conditions

What's the payment procedure?

  • Payments are done through PayPal which accepts all major credit cards.

  • A 50% deposit is needed before I start work. The remaining 50% is due when the illustration has been completed.

Any restrictions for commissions?

  • No shota, gory, scat. Females will be gender-swapped. For others, send me an email. :)

Cancellations and refunds?

  • If no payment has been made, I reserve the right to cancel commissions.

  • If the customer has already paid the deposit then cancels the commission, no refunds will be given.

  • No refunds for successfully emailed finalized illustrations.

How can I use the commisioned illustration?

For Personal Commissions:

  • You may not use the commissioned illustration for commercial or promotional purposes.

  • You may crop/edit the commissioned illustration for personal use.

  • I reserve the rights to use the commissioned illustration for self promotional purposes and to enter any contests.


imnotjeff said...

Yeah Hummy, I can't wait to use your services!

Anonymous said...

Will you post the comissions here?

Can't wait to use this.

humbuged said...

jeffy - hahaha XD

anonymous - depends :)

Anonymous said...

What's a BG?

imnotjeff said...

I'm guessing BG = Background. i.e. do you want just the character or do you want them in a scene.

Anonymous said...

Your commission status is constantly closed; must mean you get a lot of business, huh? ^^;; Well, do tell me if you ever get around to opening them again; I'll check back from time to time, of course, or look at your y!Gallery journal posts, at least. You draw some crazy-sexy stuff. XD

My contact is


Anonymous said...

Awwh, man, I missed it! And every time I do, it looks like the price rises. v__v;;; I feel very, very poor.


Anonymous said...

hey hummy.

i think you secretly desire to post the commissions on here. heheheheh


Anonymous said...

What if we are unable to use PayPal...?

humbuged said...

hey cartoon,

that's the easiest payment portal I know of for me. so that's kinda my only option for a fast, smooth transaction. cheques have to wait a month to clear, so that's not practical :O

Anonymous said...


Why, oh why are your Commissions closed? I just got paid and am willing to dish out monies for pron. =O

I suppose I'll just have to stalk Humplex/Y! until you're open.

Anonymous said...

Any word on when the Commissions will OPEN again? (^_^) Also, who is Dia Pace?

Ålexandra said...

D: I've been checking nearly every day for 2 months now and commissions are ALWAYS closed D: I'm happy you've got business, but I'm sad (mostly in the pants) that I cant use you for artings too :P

humbuged said...

Mike, I'm glad you would like to commission me :D I'm closing off all commissions because I want to concentrate on finishing Keric's Komplex 3 :O

I'll announce the opening of commissions after I've finished with my project :)

Thank you so much for you patience! :D

Ålexandra said...

:O oh well in that case I will happily wait patiently ;) hehe thanks for the reply!

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