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June 16, 2007

Monkey Boy & Toy

I posted the outline for this picture in FurAffinity and asked if anyone would like to color it too. Hmm, where did Monkey Boy get that toy? :P I'm trying to make a name for Monkey Boy. I kinda like Arus. Arus the Monkey Boy?

Original version

Kodadax's version

Demonfruit's version

Raiken's version

Beautiful stuff! Thanks guys :) Here's an extra picture of some random blondy.

Random Oral Pic #2


Anonymous said...

I wonder who that blond could be. . . ;)

Anonymous said...

The blond one is SO hot!

Anonymous said...


Arus is good.

Though, it kinda looks/sounds like Anus! :O

Anonymous said...

mm.. i think Saru is a young, fine name. its an anagram of Arus, and is deviated from monkey in Japanese. ;D

Anonymous said...

I love your orals...They're so realistic....

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