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June 18, 2007

Furry Characters

I was bored so I decided to design some characters. So here's 2 of em!

Bakera, High Blue Shaman: He is a warm, friendly bear who is a spiritual leader of the Spirit Order. With the knowledge that has been passed down to him for generations, he uses it to help anyone in need.

Naked version here

Toraz, Legendary Swordsman: Solitary and hard, he is called the Legendary Swordsman because of the thousands of demons he has killed. It is because of this, his sword has turned red because of all the demon blood it has soaked.

Naked version here


Anonymous said...

hehehe,I want to see what happens if them and The Monkey Boy/Arus/Saru be together

Anonymous said...

I really love how you make the dressed and undressed versions. It's so hot!

Mad Dog said...

I like that you made a buff priest. :3

hot man said...

lets c him paired up with the minotaur.

Unknown said...

<3_<3 bakera...bakera =3 if only he was a plushie.

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