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June 8, 2007

Today's the Wedding!

Today is my cousin's wedding! Everyone is excited and wearing spiffy outfits :) Speaking of wearing spiffy outfits, here's an elf in dreadlocks and an office suit. Going to keep working on this character. He's got potential ;) Maybe do more research on hairstyles? Add more facial hair perhaps? Mmm, the possibilities are endless.


Anonymous said...

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase [i]liquid lunch[/i]. Enjoy the wedding... I'd love to see a picture of you all decked out.

Anonymous said...

Glory Holes = Win!! :o)

Love your art!

Jophess said...

Facial hair is always a good idea! :)

Anonymous said...

in case you didnt know of it already, you should check out you'll go gaga for it

Anonymous said...

I think the amount of facial hair he has now is perfect. Especially for an elf. You wouldn't expect an elf to grow a lot of facial hair.

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