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June 24, 2007

Xerude Fucks Keric (Commission)

Commissioned by Tablezach. Funny how it took a commission to make me draw Xerude fucking Keric...I think this is the first time my characters fuck each other heh. I must do more ;)


Anonymous said...


keric is cyl's.


but besides that, nice. ^^

Anonymous said...

holy shit...

...this is unbelievable!!!

nice work 8-) love the angle

Anonymous said...

...holy shit...

...this is unbelievable. nice work 8-) I LOVE the angle

Juancho said...

Now, that you mention, yeah, they never had anals before. lol! Its always handjobs and masturbation. ^_^;

Though, I really wish it was Cyl fucking Keric. Haha! XD

Anonymous said...

Xerude on TOP again! Yay!

Now Xerude to go at Cyl to complete! Or a mirror "match" ala fighting games lol.

Anonymous said...

I thought that when I saw that. I thought 'Comission? You would have got round to this at some point!' Oh well, better now than never. At least it's convinced you you need to make them banh each other more. LOL

Anonymous said...


beautifull angle!

this comission stuff is working so fine for your art!is making it become more naught than ever

Anonymous said...

You are a golden god.

Moar please.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly hot. Maybe Xerude's the mystery cock in your doujin?

mountii said...


Anonymous said...

SO HOT! I think u should add cyl in there 2;) Making a 3some, again, HOT!

Mr. Stab. said...

\o/ YES! This is your best picture!


Unknown said...

sooo hot @.@

Unknown said...

espera o cyl ver isso

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