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June 6, 2007

Xerude's Training Attire & the Twins

Hey! It's been a bit hectic over here but everything is cool. The wedding will commence as planned and the bride & groom are happy :) And to make you all happy, I did a Xerude's attire picture. He's wearing his training (martial arts??) gear. After a few rounds, he needs to fill up his energy by eating some snacks. Uhm, Xerude, you're treating that hot dog as if it's a...erm, maybe it's just me and my dirty mind.

There's also a pic of one of the elf twins helping his brother clean his mess up ;) Enjoy!

Underwear version here

Naked version here

Help a Brother Out


Anonymous said...

OMG love those twins your art is godlike ^^ i love it.and can some1 link me to keric's komplex:chapter 3 cuz he's my fave and i can't find that part anywhere :( thank you in advance and keep up with drowing those sexy guyz ^^

Unknown said...

oh man, right on the patch! Hope it doesn't leave a stain..! :P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Xerude is such a stud. <3

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Your art is wonderful, and Xerude is SO HOT. Not that there's anything wrong with the twins, of course, but that green hair... and the green body hair... ooh, turns me on so much.

Thanks for sharing your awesome drawings! <3

Mad Dog said...

Yeah, Xerude's incredible!

Anonymous said...

Your way to draw nipples makes me happy.XD look at xerude's!

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