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July 27, 2007

Back for More

Hey guys, sorry I've been away for a few days. The reason is I've just gotten my Nintendo DS.

Wow, this piece of machinary is so much fun to play with! The only reason I was able to pry my fingers away from it was because my sister borrowed it from me. Haha, this is sounding more and more like a DS review. Now I only need to add in, "You must BUY it!"...I guess I just did ;)

Lots of games to play AND lots of hunks to see! A few characters that I like is the main character in Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Wow, he's a hottie. Also there's Phoenix Wright. Did you guys know he looks so yummy and scruffy in Gyakuten Saiban 4? ;) I love him wearing casual clothes even more than power suits. Hmm, but then again, Capcom might surprise me!

Ah, yes commissions are still on the go. I'm working my way sloooowly but surely. I'll try to speed things up a litle. Gotta go to work now. See you all in a bit!


Haggis McBrylcreem said...

Hi... I am brand new to your blog and I wanted to (a) tell you how very much I like your work and (b) ask whether you have an estimated date for accepting additional commissions? It looks as if the supply/demand equilibrium warrants an increase in your per-piece rates! I would be more than happy to pony up for a higher rate, because I think your stuff is well worth it. But I know that commissions are closed at the moment, and I certainly don't mean to bother you with an inquiry of this kind... In any case, keep up the wonderful work!

Unknown said...

OMG. Does this mean we're going to get Hotel Dusk/Phoenix Wright fanpr0nz in the future? SQUEE! Have you gotten to Will Powers yet? He's a hunksickle! <3 Ooh, and you should check out Advance Wars:Dual Strike on the DS if you have the chance. Max, one of the Orange Star Commanding Officers, has got HUGE arms... so dreamy.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

In terms of sexy men, its... its probably wrong that I find some of the Elite Beat Agents hot. Agent Cheiftain is sex.

White Wabbit said...

Ello ello ello,
You have Patrick Fillion to thank for introducing me your blog and indeed your work, of which both I love! You have a definate talent and style I admire and indeed envy.
I just wanted to thank you, basically, as it was only when I saw your blog that I decided to finally start my own; it's not exactly brimming at the moment but I'm hoping it will grow into something great.
I mentioned you on my first post so I'm hoping if my blog somehow gets any attention it will then be passed onto you; you and anyone else are very welcome to check it out at

Looking forward to future posts!

Wabbit xx

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