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July 7, 2007

Random Oral Sketch #4

Here's another for the oral series. A bit busy this week so not many posts going on, sorry :( I'll try to make up for it ;) Probably going to have a flurry of sketches rather than colored works...


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful artist and I have enjoyed every piece of work of your's that I have seen to date. I just wanted to give you praise for your skill since I've been checking out your blog and Y!Gallery for a while now. Continue your wonderful work! ^_^

Anonymous said...

your artwork is the sex, just pure hotness

dreamerboy6 said...

Mmmm! I love the hairy chest! Very nice! And really, your sketches are very nearly as fantastic as your colored work. I'll take sketches any day!

Unknown said...

omg, each piece of art you put up just gets better and better.. ugghhh.. I'm in love! +_+

Anonymous said...

no messy version? :'(
he was particularly cute/hot

Anonymous said...

damn your art is amazing :P just... wonderfull haha wish you could make one off me :D

Anonymous said...

damn your art is amazing :P just... wonderfull haha wish I had an personal harem with the real version of the guys that you drawl,hehehe >]

Anonymous said...


I'm the guy who sent you the PM about the drawings that I made from yours

the people on y-gallery kept deleting them, which was partially my fault because of the terms of service

so here are the image links

I just wanted to give them as a "gift" to you

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