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August 3, 2007

The Humshop Grand Opening!

Whoopee! The doors to The Humshop is now open! Meet our very friendly (and possibly a bit psycho...) salesperson, Cyl. He'll assist you in any way he can ;)

PS - Anyone can guess which game title I based this from? ;)

More games in the HUMRcade section.


Anonymous said...

This was so much fun! I love flash adventures. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. Cyl looks so adorable in his new look, I wasn't sure I'd like it at first but this totally swayed my opinion. It was fun seeing a lot more dialogue from him. Poor Keric, he's got no idea!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun ephnat :) Did you manage to find the hidden bonus? ;)

Anonymous said...

Rofl too bad there's no OBJECTION (or better yet, ERECTION! XD)

Love your stuff, dude. I'mma grab that shirt too (red one, probably). Keep doin' what you doin'!

Anonymous said...

Loved it Hum... but I found 2 out of three bonus. So I'll have to look several more times, even if it means seeing the same bonus' again. :p

Anonymous said...

I did! The bonus bits were delicious!!!

humbuged said...

ichigojam: HAHAHA! priceless! yay support your bara merchandise haha, thanks :)

daryn: you can do it :D nice and slow wins the race :)

ephnat: congrats!

Anonymous said...

I can't find any bonus and I'm trying so hard. >_>

White Wabbit said...

SO COOL!!! Definately gonna get some uhm... merchandise :)

Wabbit xx

Anonymous said...

anonymous: be careful not to click on the arrows too fast or you might miss all three :)

wabbit: wow, thanks! :D hope u had fun

Sonarix said...

Fantastic bonus ^____^
I just nabbed both colors of the men's shirts from the store -- I'm so excited to get them. :3 May have to send action pictures your way or something. Thanks for the work you do! ;)

humbuged said...

David, wow thanks! I'll look forward to the pictures :D

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! I can only find two of the three bonuses. I really want to see all of them. Maybe I just need to take a break before I try again.

humbuged said...

kyosohma: yes, it is good to rest :) the answer will slide in after a good minute's rest ;)

Anonymous said...

That was so good. Not only do I now wanna buy a shirt, I wanna buy a keric doll, or some freaky akward toy of him...

I got 3 bonuses, but your tips of taking it slow and easy make em thing, maybe I missed something.. ;)

Great job <3

Anonymous said...

Gah, I don't get it. T_T

Anonymous said...

I also cannot find any bonuses. About how long are you supposed to 'hover' for? Five minutes? And do you want to hover on text where the cursor is a hand, or where the cursor is that I-bar for text?

Anonymous said...

Awww i love his hair :) but in my oppinion the chin peircing was awsome :(

Anonymous said...

I miss his piercing :'(

But it is goon none the less! ^.^

Anonymous said...

can some one give me a hint to where the third hidden bonus is >.>?I can only find the first two.

Anonymous said...

Nuts! I can't see this on either this site or at the link. :( The link redirects and the file on this page never loads.

humbuged said...

i've uploader it elsewhere :) thx for telling me about it :D

Anonymous said...

Wahahaha. Loved this game!!!

If i'm guessing it right, you borrowed this idea from masonori's game Hunks Workshop.

ITS A TOTALLY COOL GAME!!! Niikura is so of a hunk!! Too bad the game is in Japanese so I didn't understand a single thing about the story. BUT THE MEN AND SEX SCENES WITH SEXY VOICES ARE REALLY MAKING ME CUM!

Anonymous said...

Where are the secrets? And What do I hover on?

Anonymous said...

I dont know if it is just screwed up on my end, but i found like... 3 ! but no video.. just words.. is that what it suppos to be?

Anonymous said...

so i tried this again.....
I found two bonuses.
The one where he says hes not a whore
and the one where he talks about keric.
cant find the last one

Anonymous said...

---=== SPOILER ALERT ===---

1. Click > "Can I take you out for coffee?" then hover over "can't do that".

2. Click > "Who's the lucky girl?" then hover over "he" in his reply.

3. After doing number 2, click on the little picture of Keric to get a new picture <3

JinX said...

where to get Hunks Workshop.? wanna take a look before KK3 is complete

the Nyarlathodia Mythos said...

the bonus system reminds me of the ASK system in Wild Arms 3. Press Square, this word is highlighted, then press x and you get more info. talk about multiple dialogue paths! been playing games, humbug-kun? or you happy screwing Keric and Cyl UP? [PERVERTED LAUGHTER]

Unknown said...

E_E im confused... after you ask him about who works there and he says a slav--er and such, whats after o.o" I think I refreshed it like twice trying but nothing.

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