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August 2, 2007

New Banner

Well the old one didn't fit the new layout. So, of course I made a new one. Look, there's THREE hot guys in the banner now! Aww, Keric still shy with Cyl? :P If you guys notice, Cyl's hair has gotten a bit longer. He looks much cooler now, yes? What do you think? :)

Huh? Wha's Xerude doing at the back there? Could that be a...^O^


hotcha said...

awesome, the banner looks much more fun! is it me or did x and keric get bigger? theyre addicted to the gym or something?

Anonymous said...

Xerude's even hotter!!

PLEASE,do more dirty stuff with Xerude!

I want to see him as a bottom.You ,Humb,in the beginning of the blog, said he likes people playing in his ass,so,please,make this real.

foxy loxy said...

Xerude is totally buffer. That humpy hunk of sex.

Anonymous said...

aw, keric looks bigger in a "fat" way :(

humbuged said...

hotcha: yeah. i think i always envisioned him to be this big but I was just bad at drawing huge guys way back then O_O

anonymous: haha, just keep tuning in ;)

foxy: lol

anonymous: he's been eating a lot lol

imnotjeff said...

Any chance on a 50px max banner?

Anamika said...

Oh my.... Xerude on a ponytail is made of cans of total AWESUMNESS.

Xerude as frekkin TOP! TOP I SAY! (If he is to be topped, at least it must be a character the same level as he is. *wink wink* )

humbuged said...

jeffy: i'm working on it :D

anamika: i like the way you think ;)

Anonymous said...

I lurve cyl, lots


looks so cute.

Hellwind said...

I didn't think Xerude could get any more sexy, but the ponytail totally works for him. <3 <3 <3!

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