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August 11, 2007

Patrick Fillion, Links & News

Patrick Fillion over at Boytoons Magazine was so gracious as to give my blog a mention. I like visiting his site often cause its always nice to look and simple and uncluttered (unlike mine, eheh). That, and his hot art is in there too. It's not everyday I get any mention from famous people ;) As a thank you, I drew a picture of his character, Cam. Thanks, Patrick!

I also found some really awesome art blogs filled with yummy pictures of men! Oooo, whenever I look at great art, I make a mental note to practice more and more to be at their level. Meatcute is filled with great art from various artists. Although, the owner of the site, C. Edwards does post his drawings too of course and they're all wonderfully drawn!

The first picture alone made me drool over J's artwork (No, it's not the same Mr. J that I gave the Tips Jar Gift to). It's only a picture of a man's back, too. Clothed. J doesn't need to draw naked men to make lust-inducing pictures. His art at Man's Adventure oozes sexiness. I hope you guys check all the links out. Really awesome stuff :)

As for my art, er, I think I need to practice lots more, huh? I've been wanting to do lots of things lately. I just hope I can actually finish them. I've still got Keric's Komplex Chapter 3 to do. I thought I'd be able to think of a story but so far, I got zilch. If it ain't making me excited, then a lot of people would feel that way too, right? Hmm,it's been put off for so long though.

If you all want to know, there was never supposed to be any other chapters aside from Chapter 1, heheh. It was a little project to see if I can do a simple interactive game with flash. Then by the end of the first chapter, I thought what the hey, I'll make it a series. Each with new stuff to play. I'm hoping to add some puzzle elements to Chapter 3. Hmm, well talking about this project is making me excited o do it. A good sign I guess, heheh.

Aside from KKC3 (hehe, I just had to abbreviate it), I actually had another flash game in the works. I even sort of finished the title page! Wanna see what it was?

Haha, yes, Arus will be getting his own game. I was thinking of making a platform game for him. I dont know how to do that yet but, uhm, I'm working on it. Kind of :P I've also thought about doing a comic. Not like that lousy teaser Pg. 6 of Keric I did, haha. A full comic. Really short. I cant handle long ones. It'll be good practice, yeah?

Sigh, so many things I want to do. Here's hoping I actually finish some of them! *raises glass* Cheers!


Anonymous said...

I just hope Arus's game to be "messy" x] hugs

Anonymous said...

Patrick's url is broken bud. You misspelled his first name.


Anonymous said...

____ : i'm sure it will be! hehe

jeffy: ack, thanks jeffy :) i go fix!

Patrick said...

Hey Hum...

I LOVE YOUR VERSION OF CAM!!!! :oD man you really did a great job with him! Thank you so much for drawing him and for all the nice things you said about me in the post.

I meant every word I posted about you over at Boytoons Magazine! Your art is gorgeous and I think you are one of the most exciting artists out there. I always look forward to your latest works, and am always happy to tell people to rush on over to see your art.

Your version of Cam is stunning and OH SOOOOOOO Hot and Sexy! Would it be possible for you to email me a larger version of the illustration. I'd love to have it for my personal art collection -- and also if you're okay with that (just lemme know!), I'd love to post him over at BTM! You can send him to

Thanks again for the beautiful gift. I love him! I hope to chat with you again soon!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXOX

dreamerboy6 said...

I love your games! If you were to create a full version game, with a few hours of fun game play and your usual hotness, I'd TOTALLY buy it! :D

humbuged said...

patrick: glad u like it! :D

dreamer: thx :) cause I'm thinking about it :B

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the arus game... he's one of my faves

Anonymous said...


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