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September 10, 2007

Flash Code Help!

Hello people! It seems I'm not so smart cause I didn't finish anything last week haha. I need help with this thing:


It seems the code doesnt work properly :( Something in with the "rub" variable aint working right!

Help would be much appreciated :)

Update: YAY! Some nice people helped me out with this. If it weren't for them, I'd still be stuck figuring this out :P

Ah, think of the wonders I can apply this "game engine" to :)


Anonymous said...

fixed... hope this one helps you more than the other i sent you.

The problem is the rub == 100 checking is only executed once because is in one frame and the frame is stoped, so i splited the code in a way that the first frames loops until rub == 100. hope u understand what i did, anyways feel free to contact me where u know.

the hummy lover ;D

Anonymous said...

humm lover: lol, yes! I know what I did wrong~ You're right, I needed a code that checks the "rub" variable amount everytime the hidden buttons are clicked :D I got it to work!

Anonymous said...

Hot genie is HOT.

Matt Chan said...


if you're interested in making these kind of flash games, take a look at this website:

The site is in japanese, but you can play their sample game here:

Masturbating game

With tools

Penetration game

The website provides development kits to download.

Matt Chan said...


You can play additional games made by the same tools here:

tools game:

have fun!

Anonymous said...

Those are Java applets, not Flash; I don't think they're at all translatable. (Well, you could produce the same effect in Flash, but the structure would be entirely different)

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