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September 22, 2007

How To Draw Muscle Elves

Hello everyone! Ah, well here I am waiting for my Wacom to arrive but still nothing in the mailbox :( So I was bored and fiddled around with CamStudio and I thought, hey I got some spare oC4 event files. Why not make a video? :D

So, I did! I used some elf guy in classic briefs cause his event file was small and clean :P Then I found some music tracks at Freeplaymusic, and pathed 'em all up using VirtualDub and uploaded it to Youtube. Now here's the free vid! Keep practicing :)

PS - Hey, do any of you collect art tutorials? :O Cause like, uhm, I need 'em too lol. Put something in the comments page if any of you have some art links :)


Anonymous said...

I am soo impresed o_o
You really start all the pic with sticks and circles XD

Anonymous said...

Very nice, it would be awsome if you did it with Zulf, just thinkin that would be nice for all your furry fans, :)

Anonymous said...

Please, Can you answer me ??

I need now what's program u used

humbuged said...

I use openCanvas :)

Unknown said...

Awww I mssed it. Will you ever put this back up.

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