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September 30, 2007

Looking for other Humplex Merchandise?

The HUMShop


Hunkamation #4 (Zulf Being Ridden) Hunkamation #3 (Arus Takes It) Hunkamation #2 (Toraz Gets Pounded) Hunkamation #1 (Zulf Sucks a Big One)


Sauna Slumber Comic


Sketch Studs No. 1 Artbook


Keric Cyber Monday 2012 Butt Kisser


Hum a loop: Plowin' Keric


Also check the Humplex Gumroad page for more stuff. :)

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Anonymous said...


Been looking at the Kerrick shirts. Too bad you don't have any Cyl shirts, too! Not to mention, my favorite colors of Red/Navy Blue/Yellow aren't there (and I can't squeeze into a girl's t-shirt).

I'll have to pick up a mouse pad sometime! Thanks for adding this stuff to a store!


Anonymous said...

hey sarien :) i'm working on a cyl t-shirt. spreadshirt has a limited color choice for t-shirts which is too bad :( I'll be adding more designs for the tshirts in the future :D

Cabotin said...

Hey there ;)
Just like it was said, too bad there is no Cyl T shirt. That'd be so lovely !
And for the colors... Would it be possible to have the Kerrick blue one for boys too ?

Anonymous said...

Ever considered selling the old Tip Jar flashes (at a higher price that is) a few months after they've been released? I bet more than a few people would be willing to buy the one's they missed out on.

Anonymous said...

what he needs to make is a furries swimwear and some more porn flashes available to the public

Anonymous said...

I would love to see some Isen and Isel shirts...those two are HOTT! <3

Anonymous said...

those two are hotties

B7RS4 said...

Love to see more Keric flash and hopefully a comic series of him. <3

Zulf´s Boy said...

AWESOME this shop!
But i dont have money to buy the T-shirt of the Chase G_G

but i get money xD

Ben said...

Any chance you can put up Toraz tshirts?

Else Extra & Other said...

Do you think you can make a flash game for Xerude getting plowed, like the game when Keric was getting plowed? A side note, when Xerude is getting plowed from whoever can you make the impact from the anal plowing cause Xerude's body to tremble with pleasure. May make it more realistic. Also, can the person plowing Xerude be a bit more forceful then the dude that plowed Keric?

jianxiao said...

why in selz dont have your items?

Mr Blue said...

I've just bought your artbook. LOVE IT! Will there be a second?

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