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September 20, 2007

Take That Shirt Off, Keric! (Pencils)

Hello guys! JEEZ, my hand has been ITCHING to draw!!! It's been ages since I've actually used a pencil and paper to do art with :O

I must say, it is still fun heheh. Sure beats drawing in the computer and having it freeze all the time. Which, always happens to me :P I can't wait for the new Wacom Graphire4 to arrive. Knowing the postal service here, it'll probably take a week or two (WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Hey, beggars can't be choosers. I'm still out of the moon for the tips, everybody! :D I'm going to make sure that I have sum extra moola for emergencies like this in the future 8|

You know, knowing me, I'd probably forget about this piece of paper 8| Think anyone would like to have this? Perhaps I can put it up for auction or something. How does eBay work? :P

PS - No, it's not my scanner that sucks silly. The picture is blurry' cause I used a camera phone. The wonders of technology!


Sonarix said...

Well, I would love it. :D
If you don't auction it, how much you think you'd want for it? :3

Hope the tablet works wonderfully! ^^

MaxHedrm said...

Yeah ... I think I would buy a hand drawn piece before a computer drawn one. That looks great.

Unknown said...

wow dude, yeah this is a totally awesome picture, wish I could bid for it, but I'm paying off medical bills, turns out my insurance doesn't cover crap...anywho, I'll just have to look at it on here, I love pencil art, make more!

JC said...

Wow-- your pencil art is really impressive. Why exactly do you prefer drawing directly on computer? Is it a time saver?

DrawFellas said...

Awesome drawing! He is much sexier in pencil...

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