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September 25, 2007

Updated Price List, Duel Love & .com

Hello everyone :D I've got nothing to do today. Still waiting for my Wacom Graphire4 :( Uhm, anyway, I've updated the price list of my commissions page :) Start saving some money while I wait for my graphics tablet, hehe. I'll be taking commissions as soon as I get it :)

Ohhhhh, and which sounds better, or I put up a poll at the sidebar so you guys can vote which one you think is easier to remember hehe. Thinking of spreading my wings a bit :)  Plus I won't have to worry about Blogger taking down my site or something lol even though they did say in their TOS that they won't XD Ah, duno we'll see how it goes :)

And news to DS owners! Have you heard about Duel Love? It's a "touching game" much like Doki Doki Majo Shinpan only it's touching guys, not girls ;) Most of the guys are bishonens though :/ Hmm, I should try making a nice "touch game" in flash. I know Keric's Komplex Chapter 1 has it but seriously, it wasn't all that hahaha.

I need to learn more about flash game development. I fail when it comes to learning about mathematical equations and things like that. I push myself so I can make those flash that I like :) Not much gay flash animations/games out there are there...I wonder where all the gay flash people went off to 8|

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Heyohwhoa said...

I might have to take you up on your commission offer. Depends on what's going on with my financial situation, but I have a character I think you would draw very well. :D Also about all the flash stuff, I've been wanting to get into all that. It just seems like so much fun, but I can't really fork out the dough to buy flash and have that fun heh. Maybe I can get the girlfriend to buy it for christmas or something I don't know we'll see :)

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