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October 26, 2007

Away Again?? & Commissions

Hello everyone! Unexpectedly, I have to go away again 8| This is so unexpected! I'm still here in bed and I was told to pack my bags.

And I still haven't done the commissions! They're all stacking up :O I think I'll have to close the commissions for the 29th this month and bump it up to week after that.

Apologies to everyone for the yucky news :( I've been in an unproductive mood lately. This is bad for business! X| Hmm if I remember correctly, I'll be back at the end of the month.

I still have my phone to check the Humplex regularly though! So please, put some comments in this post or the Humcorner :) I like to chat around a bit so I won't feel so lonely on this away time~


BookChic said...

Heya!! Saw your Keric games and i LOVED them! Can't wait for Chapter 3, whenever that happens.

I also like your Zulf drawing a few entries back. You a fur too? ;)

*hugs* Hope you get your commissions done and that you have a good time wherever you're going!! :)

Heyohwhoa said...

I hope you have a good time. I know sometimes going away can suck a little bit, but good thing for your phone :D Look forward to you getting back.:)

Anonymous said...

take your time but come back with a lot of new stuff please!

Anonymous said...

lolz, humcorner? XD

good luck in your...err...trip? o_o

dont worry too much about the cumissions till you comes back XD

Anonymous said...

Hope you're going away is due to good fortune rather than bad. See you when you get back!


Anonymous said...

Don;t worry hummy, we'll all be here for you, waiting like puppies waiting for the post man to come so we can get whatever you bring back LOL.

Hope that this unexpected trip goes well and isn't anything to stressful or serious *huggz*

Take care!

Spinel Satoru said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

man i love ur draw...i will start a draw some man muscle...if i send to u can u give ur opnion?

my email is

is yes just send me a email and thx xD

Anonymous said...

hi!i'm one of your french fan.i'm really crazy in love with your fantastic draws and i'd like to know if one day you will do a comic?bye.batsu

Anonymous said...

this is donchaaaa!
i even bought a t-shirt... I THINK =P

i hope there's a number 3.
i know it will be good <3

Anonymous said...

if I may, can I do this cuestion, if Xerude has a son, then who or should I say how looked the mother?

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