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October 22, 2007

Back & Commissions

Hello all of you out there :) I'm back and I'm somehow very tired X| First of all I'm sorry to those who are still waiting for me to finish your commissions :( With me being away from the computer, I had little chance to draw anything.

Keric & White Roses

I drew a quick Keric sketch for all of you though. Nothing special, just Keric and what seems to be a bunch of white roses :P Yes, those are roses. I suck at botanical drawings :P

Commissions are open but since I couldn't finish all of the previous commissions, I'll be taking one or two this time around. Hope you all understand :)

I hope everyone is doing well! I'll be posting new stuff soon :D


Anonymous said...

I'll send a PM to your Y! account later today once the boyfriend has cleared the A-OK for getting the picture (he said he'd buy one for me. XD)

Anonymous said...

Need a vacation from your mini-vacation, eh Hum? I know how that feels. Hope you had a great time, though!

As far as Isen and Isel -- uhm, that kinda touches on one of my man fantasies: a threesome with me and hot twins would be the ultimate experience for me. XD


Anonymous said...

Hey! I felt empty without your updates! D: But now you're back, so I feel happy inside. Yay. And by the way, you aren't that bad at drawing botanicals based on that picture. I made out the roses right away, it wasn't all that difficult. Nice drawing, though. Keric looks so cute. :D

Harperdude5 said...

You need to make some more provocative Cyl pics. You keep churning out Keric left and right (which is wonderful in it's own right) but, a little more exposure (pun pun pun) on Cyl's part would be nice :)

Cyl + classic white briefs = super hot

Cyl naked with a nice cut cock would be nice too :)

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD your back, going threw some serious withdrawls. You can do no wrong in my eyes, the flowers look awesome, keric looks awesome...I am so in love with your art.

Anonymous said...

So here I am listening to Select by Minori Chihara at 4am in the morning on a school night, and I remember that I haven't yet checked The Humplex for updates(Hum said he'd be back on Saturday, but he wasn't back until Monday! =( ), shame on me, and I see a BEAUTIFUL piece of art by Hum.

So, hooray for Hum! And the roses looks nice, I think. Better than I could ever do...

Anonymous said...

Oh, shut up, those roses are awesome and you know it.

Anonymous said...

ya they really are! thnx hum

Anonymous said...

ya they really are! thx hum

Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful. :0) I like it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hum.

Thanks for the lovely sketch! Yeah, I know, I commented earlier, but I didn't comment on the sketch itself! The flowers and leaves are quite good -- and yes, I could tell they were roses. So, no worries there.

Just keep sketching what you like/love to sketch and keep up the awesome work.


Anonymous said...

where can i find old cyl drawings?

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