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October 13, 2007

Keric as Han Solo (Commission) & Deviant Art

Hello everyone :) This was done for Rob :D He wanted a parody of Star Wars using my yummy elves. This one is of Keric as Han Solo.

I always thought Han Solo was yummy! Looking at Keric wearing those black boots...MmmMmm! XD This is the first of the three. There will be two more to go! Guess who Cyl and Xerude are supposed to cosplay as ;)

Oh, and I've also got a Deviant Art account. Add me as a friend there too if any of you guys have an account too :D

PS - My bro is rooming with me this month so, yeah I'll have to sneak doodling some pron art XD I'll upload one as soon as I'm able to draw some ;D


Anonymous said...

xerude's gonna be chewwwwbackaaaaa!!! rrraaaarrr

Anonymous said...

or maybe dark vader......vader must be in this collection XD

Anonymous said...

cyr as princess leia , and xerude as chewie...

Shibayama said...

Oh man this looks so sweet! My birthday is next week... maybe I should invest in a commission from you to celebrate...*ideas*

Ahh I love xerude - would love to see him as chewie!

humbuged said...

hotcha XD

devilman hehe ;D

anon, hahaha!

shiba, oooo :D happy birthday!

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