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October 10, 2007

Waya from Hikaru No Go (Commission) & A New Link

This piece was commissioned by Ephnat. It's Waya of Hikaru no Go fame. I don't really know about the manga/anime, but I know it's famous since the artist who draws the manga is Takeshi Obata (He does Death Note too).

Any way, as I was drawing him, I kind of thought he looked like Syaoran (Card Captor Sakura). So I added the Go stones in hopes that at least people would connect the character to Hikaru no Go, heheh :P And, I kind of like the feet in this one, even though they look a bit wierd XD I like the angles I guess :D All spread and ready...hahaha! Enjoy this piece!

Oh and I also added a new link, the Yaoi Blog. The place was hacked a few weeks ago :( But now it's back up and ready to rumble! There's gonna be a whole lotta art from various artists in there so be sure to check it out often :)

Hum thoughts: I really should start doing that Solid Snake flash! x|


Anonymous said...

love it! :0)

Anonymous said...

Haha, he DOES look like Syaoran or whatever it is(The name that the CCS makers intended, or so I've heard from DIES GAUDII, was apparently "Xiaolang", so that's what I call him) if he were 8 years older and more muscular.

- vv93

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love how you've drawn him,
he's so sexy. x__X

Anonymous said...

Holy God, a Snake flash~?!
I think... I want your babies. :O

If you really are making something - ANYTHING really - of Solid Snake, I would worship you as a god.

Anonymous said...

brandon - yay! :D

anon - I knoooow haha

anon - glad you like :D

bfm - well, i did promise to make one hehe ;) I'll post it up as soon as I finish :D

FMX said...

I have the same problem with feet. I always admire when someone can draw good feet and hands. I think yours turned out fine. Better then mine do by far.

Anonymous said...

Delicious up and down, Hum! You're always so good to me. =D

Anonymous said...

Heh...I wouldn't have even thought he was Syaoran, to be honest. And yes, I've seen all the CCS episodes and movies. I guess I can see where it was a good move to put the go stones around him, though, just in case...And yes, the feet look just fine. :D

Anonymous said...

*looks at the original Waya*

He looks kind of like like Syaoran too...
So Hummy did a good job.

Anonymous said...

The drawing is amazing! When do you think you will do the next Chapter 3 flash?

Anonymous said...


hey, i like this pic, i like the pose and the character

Anonymous said...

This is insanely hot. :O

He does kind of look like Syaoran... << But wow this is hot.

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