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October 6, 2007

Xerude Kidnaps! (Commission)

Hey! :D Got sum hawt stuff right out of the press ;D Look it's Xerude and he's kidnapped someone :O Judging from that smirk on his face, I bet he's taking the poor guy off to some secluded area and then...well, I'll leave that to your imagination :P

Hehe, this was a fun piece that David commissioned me to do :D He wanted himself done in my style, getting carried away by the big ol' green daddy (no, not The Hulk :P). I must admit I wasn't that confident at my caricature skills but I guess it looks like, or at least I hope it does! Seeing as how David is happy with it, I guess I did good :D

Something totally random but what's everyone up to these days? :P


Anonymous said...

Me? Lately I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft. When you have a really hot Blood Elf character in a loincloth, what's there not to stare at? XD

Anonymous said...

rawr! WoW ftw, Great stuff Hum ^^ bloodelfs *drools*


Heyohwhoa said...

Wow, he looks really nice here. Very VERY masculine looks like he'll growl at you or something lol.

Sonarix said...

So far, my friends have agreed that it looks a heck of a lot like me, and they love the pouty face. XD I really appreciate your work. ^^

Anonymous said...

Lol at the earlier posts Xerude is a blood elf?! Oh, so every elf now is WoW property?.

I like how you did this hum, and Xerude looks like he's going to do some nasty "work" on poor David there. hahaha.

Anonymous said...


Errr, no. I never said Xerude was a Blood Elf! I said I liked to stare at *my* WoW Blood Elf character 'cause he wears a loincloth. Sorry for the lack of clarification!


Anonymous said...

... what if you didn't leave it to our imaginations? XD

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