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November 9, 2007

Commissions Closed Till Previous Ones Are Finished

Lol, ok that's a long title but yeah it sums what I'm posting here nicely. I'm back and my internet is all ready. Unfortunately I think I'm still having procrastination sickness 8| Also, I'm a bit busy with life here. I'm so sad at not being able to draw the wonderful commissions and my elf boys, sigh.

For those who are still waiting for their commissions, I'd like to apologize! I'm terribly sorry and I will send out the roughs as soon as I can! For those who are waiting for the commission slots, I'd also like to apologize. I'll be closing them until all the previous commissions are finished :O Please bear with me (gives free hugs). Christmas will be coming soon,eep! Are you guys ready for Christmassy activities?? I've got a lot lined-up for me...sigh :)


batsu said...

hi hum!i make you a million of free hugs and will patiently wait for your next pieces of art.take care.kiss

Anonymous said...

Hummy. You're so talented, so cute, so hung. (grin)

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