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November 23, 2007

Sauna Slumber Comic Cover Preview

Hey everyone! I know I gaven't been updating as regularly. There's still lots of commissions to be done and I've got some of my own projects too :D Here's one that I'm working on recently.

Sauna Slumber comic cover

A comic featuring Keric! I'm just trying my hand on the whole sequential art thing. I haven't done any realy comics so hopefully it'll look fairly okay...I'm not sure about the Japanese words. I used the help of Google Language Tools to get the words, so I hope it's accurate. (Tell me if it's wrong okay?)

I'm trying to alternate between finishing one commission and one page of the comic. I don't know exactly when it'll be done though. Maybe in time for Christmas? This won't be a free comic though XD I'll be selling it! Probably USD5? Should be worth it, right? It won't be a long comic. Just around 6-8 pages perhaps :P So, till the next post!

PS - If you have any words, please drop a comment!
PSS - If you have any spare dollars, please put it in the Tips Jar! XD


batsu said...

what a great news!! but how could I get this future hot piece of art?I'm in France.lot of kisses

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Wowww Gratz man....
well look...i live in brazil...i can buy to or...not? :/
(i want >.<)
my Email is :

Please if u know just send me a email...thx and
cyaa xD

JC said...

Can't wait for it, man!

You can totally get away with selling it for more.

Will it be print or a downloadable?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the comic, I cant wait to see it! I truly love your work, oh ya! Enjoy the tip I left for you!


Anonymous said...

The kanji looks good to me!

Keric looks more delicious though :D~~

It's nice to hear from you again, Hum!

Unknown said...

Actually, write "sa-na" サーナ. Japanese is more sound orientated when translating to English.

But that's just me. =P

Chaz said...

Looks good!
Wanna see more!!


Tsuki said...

You're correct, it is サウナ眠り.

English pronunciation may be "sah-na", but Japanese pronounce it "sa-u-na". The borrowings are not always direct.

Looking forward to it, I can definitely afford it if it's $5~

Anonymous said...

O god I really really can't wait for this. But I was wondering something... something totally unrelated. You know your Baraboys account? There was a pic on there of this guy who looked like Vegeta, and he had words stamped all over his butt and stuff... haha funny description, but what happened to that pic?

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering about the whole paying for the comic thing... would an electronic version of the comic be available or are you only going to do hard-copies? I ask because I would very much prefer an electronic version to a hard-copy. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess that means my $5 worth of lottery tickets for the month of December are going towards this instead. I mean, it's a much more worthy cause, and with this comic I'll win every time I look through it! lol XD

Sonarix said...

Yes, like tsuki said: サウナ眠り is perfect. d(^.^)b
Also yes, will pay 5 dollars for hot sexies, plzdrawkthx.

mountii said...

that's so reminds me of my hot friend...i think he's still a junior in highschool(i'm too lazy to check my own recent blog entry with him on it ...sorry), but that reminds me of Kyle for sure

mountii said...

that's so reminds me of my hot friend...i think he's still a junior in highschool(i'm too lazy to check my own recent blog entry with him on it ...sorry), but that reminds me of Kyle for sure


Anonymous said...

bump for Anon's request of that pic. i remember that pic. its not a very good descrip that Anon gave, but it was a hot pic


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