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December 28, 2007

Cyl's Hot Suck

Ah, here's the cute twinkish elf Cyl giving a little lip service to some lucky guy ;) Could it be Keric? Haha, Cyl would definately love that!

Cyl's Hot Suck

Messy version here

Well, my computer is doing alright! After the spyware scan, it doesn't seem to be shutting off no more! It also could be because I aimed my fan at the back of the PC to cool it down? :P Thanks for Ricardo, John, Max and a few others who helped me so much with my PC :D Hugs to all!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your computer's doing fine. :D

I was going to pester you for a Cyl pic and lo! and a hot one at that. XD Apparently you can read minds too.

Anonymous said...

holy...oh my gosh.

Cyl=instantaneous orgasms XP

Great to hear that it's nothing totally major. :D

Ambrosian Summers said...

Wow. I've always been a Cyl fan ever since I first saw him. And this...

I love it. I just absolutely love it. XD

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