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December 28, 2007

F@#$ing Computer


The PC died again. I think I should just get rid of it and get it over with. Just keep the hardrive or something. I can put that as a second hard disk drive on a new PC right? That's the only thing I'll keep...Do shops buy PCs without hard drives? :/


I'll have to think this through. Well, it's back to the 'ol slow laptop again...

Wait, what am I saying? I don't have enough money to get a new PC...I guess it's back to the PC shop. This time I must make sure to tell them to check each and every piece of hardware...

Update #1: What the hell?? Now it's back up...I dont get it! Could it be electrical fluctuations? Cause this area sometimes doesn't get enough juice...Man, only the laptop survived...I think it's time I get a good laptop too for me to work on. Plus, I can travel with it. Ah, dilemmas >_<

Update #2: Well, I've confirmed that the PC dies everytime at aound 6pm...which is when everyone in the city turn on their lights I guess. So, it's a voltage sag. I need to buy an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) :P At least I won't have to buy a new PC :D I managed to do some work during the day too :)


Jake said...

Regardless of your financial status, answering your questions: Yes, you can save the hard drive and generally other machines of this day and age have the capacity to take multiple drives, so you shouldn't have trouble.

Shops most certainly should buy PCs without the hard drives if they'll buy any at all, it's a pretty trivial part that everybody will want different, so it'll give a potential customer the ability to "customize".

I wish geography made it a simple matter of just running next door to fix your computer, it'd be a lot less of a headache. :S

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, check to see what kind of hard drive you have, be it SATA or IDE. If you get a new computer, make SURE that it has the same HD--as far as I know, it's downright near impossible to slave one to the other directly (although I managed to slave an IDE through my CD drive, so indirectly slaving it to my SATA :P)

LightDark said...

Hello!! In first place, I'm sorry for my quite bad english (I'm spanish). Humplex, Why do you Pc is dead?? Can you not put on the Pc?? You should check if your internal conection (hard drives,...) are well conected or you can try to reinstall windows, (if you don't know about to do I can help you if you want, I have tutorial about to do it). If you want that I help you, you can write my an email to:, explaining me about the problems the Pc. Goodbye!!

Jake said...

You may want to think about a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), most of which also work as a power conditioner, it cleans the power that your computer gets so that it gets a consistent supply, also protecting it from power problems, to the point of giving you enough time in a brownout or blackout to safely shut down a computer and disconnect it if necessary. Laptops basically already have such a thing if they a battery that can hold a charge.

Anonymous said...

anon, hmm i'll keep that in mind :D thx!

lightdark, thx for the offer man :D I think I know now what's's not the computer but the electrical power :O

jake, you're right, I think I should scout for one. No wonder the laptop is okay. Plus, it doesnt use as much power as a PC does it? Do you recommend any brands of UPS for a PC?

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