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December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007!

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas to all! :D Have you checked what's in your Christmas socks? Here's one for you from Keric ;D

Keric and Christmas Sock

I was gonna do all three elf boys but I got tired lol. But hey, there are three different versions of this pic just for you ;D And here there are!

Naked version here
Messy version here

Enjoy and drive safely :D


Anonymous said...

How do you draw so awesomly with your DS? o__o;

Some special program? Or? XD;...

humbuged said...

esper lol i use this:


Anonymous said...

He looks great!

Happy Holidays, Hummy! See you soon! :)

- Ricardo

Anonymous said...

Awesome as usual I see. Merry Christmas!

batsu said...

wow!really hot and fantastic!

dreamerboy6 said...

Best... Stocking... Stuffer... EVER!

Anonymous said...

Nice work, mate. Love all three versions! :D

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