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December 26, 2007

Off to the PC Shop!

Hey everyone! I'm off to the PC shop :D I'll post back here from my PC later to see if it's working ok...Wish me luck!

Update: Well hello everyone! Here I am typing on mt PC's keyboard...It seems to be ok ^^ The fan isn't noisy at all now! I think perhaps there was some malware or somthing. They billed me for virus cleaning and all that. The temperature still says 58...So I dunno :P I'll try leaving it on for a longer time and see if it shuts down or not.

But in any case, this will be a great Christmas present for me from Santa (if he manages to get his elves fixit...) XD Yay!


Anonymous said...

Have they noticed the heating issue?

Best of Luck!

.::Keeps fingers crossed::.

Anonymous said...

How did you use the DS to draw on the computer?
And in color, no less.
I want a tablet, but I don't have one.
So, I was wondering how you do that with the DS.

Anonymous said...

mark - lets hope or the best :D

ds - oh i drew straight on the ds then transfered the file to the computer :)

Anonymous said...

58 degrees??? as in celsius? If so, then your computer's frying! D:

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