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January 15, 2008

10K Hit Art at Furaffinity for Eustache

This one is for Eustache over at Furaffinity :)

10K Hit Art, Rim Job

Messy version here


Ambrosian Summers said...

lmao so ironic. I was talking to one of my friends about moose. XD

Anonymous said...

It's Bullwinkle.
Ha ha!

Ambrosian Summers said...

But I still think it's cute. I can't see anamorphic animals as hot. because...well...they are animals.
I just see this as cute, in an erotic way. XD

Anonymous said...

'Hey Rocky, watch while I get a rabbit to rim my butt!' Hehe. Most yummy! The pose is perfect, and I love the colors, thank you! See my comment on FA about reposting plz

Anonymous said...

Once again, awesome drawing, however I'm not a big furry person, especially of dragons and horses and...well...pretty much any animal that isn't drawn completely anthropomorphic and isn't a cat or dog-type animal. Actually though, your drawing style is almost hot enough for me to just go ahead and save it anyway. :D

humbuged said...

ambro & bones, hehehe :P

eustache, i'm so happy u like it man :D

dcx, aww hehe thx ;)

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