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January 17, 2008

Modem Problems?

Lol I know I know how many problems can a guy have right? Well I think I'll be buying a new ethernet modem. The old usb modem is creating a problem for me. The shop I've bought it at didn't help me much either. The phone line man came by and tested an ethernet modem and it worked flawlessly :O So I'll be heading to a new shop today. Out with the old and in with the new right guys? :) At least I managed to ink the second page of Sauna Slumber today! :D I hope by this afternoon I'll be able to join the internet masses again :) See you all in a bit! :B

Update: Well I've gotten a new ethernet router! Works smoooooth. It has only been a few minutes though so we'll see, but I'm dancing in the rain right now, yeehaw! XD


Anonymous said...

We'll be waiting for you, Hummy! Good luck!

- Ricardo

Anonymous said...

Congratulation with your modem.

I think new thing must better than old thing. (or not??)

Good day. ^_^ |\\_

humbuged said...

ric, thx buddy :D

paul, well it's been working great throughout the day :D that's a good sign! :)

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