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January 15, 2008

Solrin & Kou's Avatar, Oral (Commission)

Yay, nailed another commission piece :) This one is for Kou. He wanted a pic of his original character, Solrin (the one in the bandages) and of his avatar. I suggested if he wanted a naughty pic and he didn't say no, hehe XD

Solrin & Kou's Avatar, Oral (Commission)

Oh and an update on the manga and flash. Man, both are hard lol. For the manga, I'm trying to make it look authentically Japanese as possible but well we'll just see :P Toning is a whole different thing that just putting them in like how I would do colors 8|

For Keric's Komplex Chapter 3 it's easier for me to be look up the codes in previous games that I need. Cause it's been awhile and well I fergot most of the AS stuff hehe XD I'm keeping it as a Flash 7 game so that it works on most of the stuff that's able to play flash. I'm just wondering, did anyone try playing the flash games on their smart phones? XD Lol I'm imagining a touching game on the iPhone. You use your finger to point & click on that right? ;D Hahahaha, oh what fun!


Cabotin said...

Sadly, iPhones cannot yet play flash =/
But that'd be really fun !

humbuged said...

Aw thats too bad XD I hope they upgrade it soon! :D

White Wabbit said...

Solrin is sweeeeeeet. The bandages are hugely erotic haha. Another awesome work ;)

Wabbit xx

Anonymous said...

thanks again for the great work ^-^ solrin and kasai look wonderful in your style x3

Ambrosian Summers said...


That's so devious of you. XP

Bandages are hot along with weapons. Both together is hot cubed. :3

Anonymous said...

This is amazing.

Ryan Rogers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan Rogers said...

Yeah, the only flash that the Safari browser on iPhones and iPod touches can handle is youTube. But, you know I haven't tried it with the opera browser they released for the DS. Someone should try that!

Oh, and the drawing is delicious. Those hips on bandage guy... gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

... uwa, no messy version?

JC said...

yeah-- sadly us iphoners can't view flash pages. Not yet anyway. :( :(

Kou's OC is really cute! I love the design. Where's this person's artwork?

DJ Korina said...

why does he did the middle finger plus good work keep it up!

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