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February 29, 2008

Keric & Gryphon Cuddle Up (Commission)

Ah, a sweet picture :) Notice the tattoo on Keric? That's actually a tattoo from Gryphon's other arm. He told me he wanted Keric to have a tattoo. Since he had a nice one on his other arm and it can't be seen because it's blocked, I thought I'd just transfer it to Keric's arm. :D Sneaky Hum, haha!

Keric & Gryphon Cuddle Up


Ambrosian Summers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ambrosian Summers said...


That's so cute. It's sweet enough to make me diabetic. :3

I love cuddling with my friend. It's nothing's platonic. I mean can't an asian dude cuddle with an emo guy? XD

Anonymous said...

Mmmm very nice, great work Hum ^_^

dreamerboy6 said...

Gorgeous, sexy picture as always... but I must admit it makes me love Keric without the tattoo even more. :">

Anonymous said...

Oooh ~ another nice one. X3
I like the work with the tatoos. :3

Anonymous said...

The thing chopped off my name. >x>;
Keep up the good work! X3 <3

Anonymous said...

I like keric wear underwear

I think he is very smart guy.

I love him. I love him.

(PS. Pic so Sweet I love it, I like It. Sothanks for good work ^_^)

Anonymous said...

keric. i thought he didnt lik gays? but this hottie is cuddling with him. and he likes it!?! kerics a hore! lol jk good work!

DJ Korina said...

it makes me feel like im top of the world when i see this xD

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