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February 29, 2008

Will Turner's Strip Search (Commission)

Anyone a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean? Will is so handsome ain't he :) Orlando Bloom was great in the movie. No surprise, someone wants a commission done where Will shows off his "sword" haha. Well, this one is by force apparently lol

Will turner's Strip Search

I'm sure they wouldn't need to do a trip search. It's quiet evident that Will carries a dangerous weapon XD

PS - Thank you so much for the tips in the Tips Jar! :D


Ambrosian Summers said...


Now I know what Paul Revere meant by "The red-coats are 'coming'" ;D

lol <3

Anonymous said...

Mmmm ~ very satisfying. Nice job catching his look. :3

dreamerboy6 said...

Wow! A FINE weapon indeed! O_O Will looks even hotter here than he does in real life!!!

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