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February 28, 2008

Xerude as Chewbacca (Commission)

Heheh, yes I finally colored Xerude as Chewbacca. I've actually finished the sketch last year but I forgot to about it. Now the set is complete :) Hehe, poor Daddy Rudey doesn't seem to like wearing the Chewbacca costume hahaha! Perjaps its because it itches (he's naked underneath). ;)

Xerude as Chewbacca

Oh and commissions will be open again for the month of March (on the 5th). Ready those clicking fingers boys hehe XD

PS - Tips in the jar are very much appreciated :)


Adam G said...

Awesome work Hum!
Love his grumpy expression XD

Anonymous said...

you normally have a "show it all" pic, so the itchyness should not be a problem. about chewbacca, i tought xerude cosplaying him , it´s hair would be green... (shrugs)

Anonymous said...

well... if he´s posing as chewie, why not have him *just* wearing the belt (or carcaj) of chewie. i´m inclined to think xerude is hairy enough to pass, and i doubt there would be any complaints.

Anonymous said...

You did another great job man! This somehow manages to be funny and dead sexy. I like his thong the most LOL!

Anonymous said...

Heh, that's so awesome. :P

Anonymous said...

Aw ~ Xerude looks so cute. X3

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