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April 3, 2008

Apollo Justice Meme

Thought I'd doodle some AJ stuff for fun :) I luv Hobo Nick!

Apollo Justice Meme

(* Blogger shrunk the picture so I uploaded it at Imageshack.)

If you want to do it to, get the empty meme here


Anonymous said...


What's that?

But I think it funny.

Ok that cute.

Work hard (Play harder!)


Unknown said...


Hobo Phoenix<3
(3x hotter than Attorney Phoenix!)

Must find yaoi of it...

Anonymous said...

I love it! X3 <3

Anonymous said...

Very Very Nice :D What about a Hobo PhoenixXApollo Pic ö.ö/?

Diederick said...

Haha! Great, I loved no.7

Unknown said...

<333 I love this! Your PW characters are so cute! Especially Ema and her snackoos. :3

I'd love to see hobo Phoenix yaoi- you've done such fantastic PW yaoi in the past... ;D

DrGaellon said...

I adore your style - and these look like cute characters... what is Apollo Justice? I've never heard of it.

humbuged said...

it's a nintendo ds game :D

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