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April 23, 2008

Coming Back, oCing , Contest & Thank Yous

Hello everyone! Concert was a blast :D I couldn't borrow a laptop to bring with me so I can do work though so I kept thinking about work...In the end I managed to relax a bit :)

So what's a great way to loosen up the ol' drawing hand? Why oCing with Bo-Gilliam of course! He's got mad skills this guy :)

Zulf and Hibuki in Underwear

I absolutely LOVE how he drew Zulfy! Look at that big bulge!! *swoons* It was supposed to be naked oCing time but somehow I drew Hibuki with underwear 8| Oops lol, next time I'll try to get Bo to draw nekked males XD Mwahaha!

The Design Ur Elf Contest is almost over! Don't forget to send in your entries by email ( before the end of April 25th :)

And thank you so much for all who gave tips! April is almost over and so many people have helped support the Humplex :D May's Tips Jar Flash Gift will be even nicer (lol yes and longer)! Again, thank you so much!

Now it's off to work on the remaining commissions :) Have a fun time!


Anonymous said...

Once again, I normally don't like furry, but you (and Bo) have managed to make hot, sexy animals that I even like. :P
And yes...naked WOULD be nice. ;D

Anonymous said...

you have to link AND email contest entries?

Anonymous said...

dcx, thanks :D

hotcha, oh the email is just so that i don't miss putting entries up on the submissions list :)

Anonymous said...

I'm from Brazil!
And i like to say... Your work is so PERFECT! Everything... all.. and Keric... ^^" I love him!
I'm sorry for the english... but is this!!
Congratulations and Success, Bye!

Keiji said...

*swoon* Xd. Both are so damn sexy, and they know it. Haha.

Anonymous said...

I loved them! *w*
Theyre both so sexy!
Oh n about the contest! I still have 2 more to upload! T-T Ill run things up and note you ASAP

Anonymous said...

you should do a flash of animals like kerics komplex or something like that that would be great :).

Rouge and Skxs said...

Huba huba!! I love Hibuki! I say draw more off him XD man I'll pay for that in a heart beat!! This guy who drew Zulfy, man I gotta start drawing more. Do you still have contest and all that?? I wanna see how my drawings look like to other ppl but there is still that sketch program I'm missing... hhhmmm. Well I have been wasting to much time mabey I'll do a re-make of Laila. Lots to do, places to be and when I mean places I mean my art, when I mean art I mean pencil. Haha keep up the good work!

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