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April 16, 2008

Feeding & Hugging Xerude (Commission)

This is for Chemmy :) Aren't hotdogs romantic? ;D Hahaha

Feeding & Hugging Xerude


Anonymous said...

Nice! But i thought xerude is uncut hum?

humbuged said...

I somtimes forget those little details :O So I guess all my elves are cut haha XD

Anonymous said...

Ah hehe. But hum let xerude and cyl stay uncut and keric the cut one. Uncut cocks are so hot!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very, very nice Hum.
I especially like how the red-haird guy only took a small bite, but Xerude's taking it all in one bite! It really reflects his character ;)

Anonymous said...

Hot. \(*o*)/

GentleGiant said...

I agree with justinlee, I like the elves uncut. Especially Xerude, it gives him a more feral, sorta animalistic feel. I say keep him and Cyl uncut, plus they look sexier that way too.

flo said...

love love X)
you make very nice drawings
i like their expressions
you have a great style ^^
their handsome and virile
I would like to say more stufs but i'm not very good at english

question : for fanart where i can post please ^^

Estudiocomik said...

This picture is great. I like a lot, it is very funny.
Este dibujo esta genial. Me gusta mucho,ha quedado muy gracioso.

Anonymous said...

Xerude... I'm in love...

DJ Korina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MorethanMom said...

These guys look like Phineas and Ferb when they're muscular and in Bromance

MorethanMom said...

You know these two also look like Larry the lobster from Spongebob and Vegety bill from Staines down drains if They met and turned into humans, You think Larry and Vegety would have a great one night stand?

MorethanMom said...

Or that red haired Guy could be Ed from Ed, Edd n eddy

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