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April 14, 2008

Going Commercial?

You know I've always wanted to go commercial like Ismael Alvarez, Studio Dronio or Patrick Fillion, HvH. These guys make such kick-ass work! So I read that the best way to get something you want, is to ask for it :P

Haha, so anyone from the commercial industry wanna commission me? :O

Hmm, well this might be a long shot but at least I've tried this theory out haha :) Can't hurt to ask :)


Anonymous said...

I suppose it depends on how you want to go about going commercial. If you wanted to do comics, then it's certainly easier if you're in collaboration with a writer.

If you did that, you can send in a submission to any comic publishing company. Though I would think that Class Comics would be your best bet for anything on the adult side.

I'm an aspiring comic writer, you should drop me a line sometime if you wanted to collaborate on a project together, then we could both work on breaking into the business. That's the hardest part, right?

humbuged said...

hey anon :) thanks for the offer! i'm not much of a comic artist though =/ Heck, I can't even finish my own manga...I'm more confortable doing pin-up illustrations

Anonymous said...

Well, the offer still stands.

Maybe if anything I write gets optioned, I'll write you for some varient covers.

Lucrece said...

I quite don't get how you haven't gone commercial. Those other adult comic artists with the exception of Alvarez are quite cheesy.

You're one of the best along with Masanori that I've seen. The only challenge I could see you facing is putting out a workload in a reasonable amount of time (biting hint intended ^~ *kisses*).

If I had money, I'd ask you for an Ike-tops- Marth commission, but I'll have to wait ;p.

Anonymous said...

Hey I can help you out if you need it...I Have a few things published, I think I am a pretty good writer...Anywho, another thing I can do for you is try to get you in the door with some companies and do some advertisements for you, as my family owns a large advertising agency here in the south west. So if you are interested, drop me an email at

Anonymous said...

Your stuff really is a lot better than a lot of commercial stuff out there. You've got the skill, so I think it's only a matter of time before you're "discovered" or something.

Anonymous said...

while your wrong hum lol your a great comic writer, you have done it already, in all of the keric's komplex flash animation you did, its pretty much the same but its moving, before i started doing comics i had the same problem but all you have to do is research on how to make comics. stuff like paneling and how much of the story you can fit onto one panel. start looking at comic and learn that way too, i had a huge mental bloke on comics before i took the same advice lol, you have the skill and talent, all you need to do now is not doubt yourself, trust me its TOTALLY within your reach

Desotto said...
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Desotto said...

I have a small team that is working on a story that will soon become a manga and a 3d rpg Internet game. this game will be close to the war of war craft game, it isn't a free game so we (the game makers and you if you decide on joining the project) will get full profit from the players of the game that are paying to play. this has the potencial of become big (because its the only game of its kind). with this game we will need comics done monthly to give the players update on the main story line and the "pin ups" of each character both for before the game is made and to sell as posters and whatnot to the players that order them. if you were to decise to join the project you will be incharge of illustrating the game characters and illustrating the storyline itself. sleep on it and tell me if you are interested in making some good moola lol. take this seriously, this isn't some hopeful boys dream. the reason i am asking you this is because i showed some of your work to my project members and they really like your style, they would love for your style of art to be the image of our game. please consider it and let me know.

Anonymous said...

Networking, my good Hum, is the best advice I can randomly offer. [Most of this is old hat you've probably heard before but it comes from the heart and out of concern for a beloved fellow artist.]

You've already gone commercial (commissions, the Humshop) and the quality of your work is top-notch with a strong fan base and appeal. The question is How commercial do you want to go and in what direction exactly? Answer that and the rest will follow.

One thing to do is study those artists you admire who have become successful in the commercial field you're interested in joining. How did they get there? Who did they know? What did they offer or provide along the way?

Another thing to do is assess the area you're interested in directly. For instance if you're fond of comics and animation yet are more partial towards doing pinups and single piece artwork focus on that and the sorts of markets that support such work.

* WHO buys? (art collectors, magazines, advertisers, CD labelers, aspiring film & game makers...)

* WHAT type of work do they usually buy? (originals? storyboards? concept art? do you need to stick to tame, public-appeal stuff or would they be interested in your no-holds-barred, quadruple-X rated kink work?)

* WHERE can you meet potential buyers or investors for your work? (conventions, film festivals, county fairs, gay pride, the coffee shop down the road in your local gayborhood, etc.)

* HOW can you get their attention? (volunteer, gift a piece of personalized artwork, offer an initial deal/trial period at a lower rate than they'd offer an established artist, coerce a hot friend into standing in his underwear on a street corner while hawking your work...)

ALWAYS have a portfolio and/or sketch book on hand.

ALWAYS have multiple buisiness cards in easy reach.

Keep in touch with your local communities offline as well as online.

For Example; if there's a charity event going on like a monthly Drag Queen hosted Bingo Night to raise money for battered puppies it may be a golden opportunity. You could contact the event organizers and volunteer to do some promo posters for them. You'd be getting free publicity (they'll be taking care of the advertising costs, distribution & paperwork) in a community where your work would appeal to the greater majority. Not only that but you never know who'd be attending the event. Charity benefits tend to attract people & groups with money - aka, potential customers/investors/employers.

Networking, m'good mate.

K, that's all I'll blog your eye off. Best of luck!

-Aaron R.-

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