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April 7, 2008

Jak Rides Torn (Commission)

Fresh and new from the Humplex oven (Humoven? Sounds catchy, yes? Hehe). This is for Rivan who wanted "Jak riding Torn like a cowboy"! :D You know I've never finished the Jak games. If there were ever gonna be any scenes like this, I'd better go dust off my PS2 and go play them right now!! Haha :)

Jak Rides Torn

Messy version here

PS - This is the first commission to be adorned with the new URL for the Humplex! XD


Anonymous said...

Hurray for jak porn! So rarely seen! Its a wonderful treat for Jak fan's!

Anonymous said...

Nice work on this commission! :3 <3

Unknown said...


<3 Jak porn is quite a rarity!

Anonymous said...

hey can u post some more of zulf. hes so sexy and ur detail is great. can u gethim in some bondage and other sexy pics. we wanna see him raped ;D

Anonymous said...

hey am called connor am woundering if u can do a flash game of this plllz =]

Anonymous said...

i should make more picture of jak, is so hot

Anonymous said...

could you make one of torn on jak?

Anonymous said...

please can you make a nother draw of jak please,please,please

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