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April 15, 2008

Tips Jar Flash for April 2008

Keric gives a blowjob

Keric Sucks
Price: USD$4.99
Buy Now at Studio Rai29

Dude... Keric sucks! (No, he doesn't! Keric is so awesome!) No really, he totally does suck! Take a look at your left and feast your eyes upon the evidence! Who is that muscular stud receiving all of Keric's undivided attention? (Uh oh, don't let Cyl find out!)

- Looped animation scenes
- Change animation speed

More at Studio Rai29.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow... that was nice.

Makes me wonder what someone would get if they'd left $50 in the tip jar...

Anonymous said...

Wow...great gift...

Too bad I'm too broke to donate =( sorry!!!

Unknown said...

Haha, this is a very clever way to get people to donate money! Very clever!

Anonymous said...

I want one. :0 <3

Anonymous said...

i cant get the flash to work D:

humbuged said...

What's wrong? :O The html file doesn't open?

Anonymous said...

It's a .png.
Is this the flash, or is it a preview? xD

Anonymous said...

The one posted in this entry is just a preview. XD

humbuged said...

anon, hehe yes this is just a preview. The donors who tip $10+ will receive the flash file in their email :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to receive the flash ^^ I've been a long time fan. I think your work is hot as hell, so fun and free, you have so much talent ^^ so i thought it was about time i tipped a fellow struggling artist.


mitch said...

there needs to be more pictures of keric and i think that the wolf should cum after watching it long enough..but thats my opinion, i dont want to make people mad, other than those, the site is AWSOME!!! great jod you guys!!:)

humbuged said...

Hey, sporty :) I had to delete your post to modify it, sorry. Remember, do not upload the files onto the net . Thanks for understanding :)

Sporty said...

"'Love the site, too..! I just wasn't fluid with this last month via bank account couldn't purchase it but had enough this month, so I could at least get the current one.

'Opens perfectly with Irfanview (with installed Plugins for Flash & Co.) or in Browser.

Community Feeling ftw..! Is there already a Fan Club, btw? ;o)

Greetz...and keep up the good work..! ;oP"

Anonymous said...

i wan it!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmm god that's hot

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work ;_;

Unknown said...

Quiero entra por 3 dias gratis

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