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April 2, 2008

Hi everyone! Wow, haven't posted for half a month :O Bad Hum :P So I told myself today no breakfast until I finish a picture. And so here's one two to commemorate The Humplex's very own domain name!


And a lil something for furry lovers :)


Don't forget to update your bookmarks! :) Same goes for me too haha. Remember the full URL is '' cause '' doesn't work =/ I dunno why. Yay, '' now works! :D

And for those of you who hasn't noticed, yesterday was April Fools Day...Haha, so news about Keric's Komplex 3 not being completed is a total hoax XD


Anonymous said...

Heck ! I love both pics ^^

when will we see Keric's complex?

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm.... worked 4 me......

Keiji said...

Hee hee. I love both pics. :3

Anonymous said...

Congrats on acquiring the domain name, Hum! I love the two pics you posted too! What a cute tiger booty! See you soon! :)

- Ricardo

Anonymous said...

hey hum,
regarding your or thingy....

just add an entry to your dns looking like this :
* -> same ip where is directed.
regards Armie ;)

Anonymous said...

daww, look at that cute smile. XD

Anonymous said...

Yay ~ new piccies of Keric and Toraz. >w< <3

XVelasko said...

My congratulations for this amazing new. I'm goin to change the link on rhe baner now ;) (please, visit ;))

humbuged said...

anonymous, when i finish it which will be sometime this year XD

anonymous, hehe yeah it works now :D

keiji, <3

ricky, yes see u soon! XD

armie, koko, diamond, thank you!! :D

charlie, hi :D cant wait for u to add more stuff in ur site :D

Diederick said...

Dude! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!

Though I appreciate the image :)

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