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May 8, 2008

Asking for a Tips Jar Flash Gift

For the Flash Gifts, please go to Studio Rai29 to purchase them :)

Hello everyone :)

Recently I got a Paypal dispute. One donor says that the donation given to me was not authorized. I hope this doesn't happen often :O So I thought of a good way for you to get the Tips Jar Flash Gifts!

How to ask for a Tips Jar Flash Gift

1. Put in the correct tip amount in the Tips Jar.

2. Send an email to using the email used for your Paypal account.

That's it! :D Unless the hacker knows your email account too, then I dunno haha. Thank you to everyone for your support! :)


humbuged said...

Ah, this is very good! Somehow, my Yahoo didn't receive one donor's email notification. Luckily the donor saw this and emailed me :D I think this will work well hehe :)

Slimu said...

Wait so the person who didn't donate to you, did they find out about the donation AFTER they got a big faceful of penis in their inbox...?

humbuged said...

I'm not sure. I've had no contact with the donor at all other than getting the tips and then getting a Paypal email about the dispute after sending the gift.

But I've already refunded the tips anyway. Hopefully, it doesn't happen again :)

Anonymous said...

im sorry but i donated like 25 bucks a few monthes ago but i didnt get my flash T.T
im not sure what happened T.T

humbuged said...

Oh my! Would you email me your paypal email account? I'll get right on it! :O

NatsuXGrey said...

you should make a natsu from fairy tail masterbation game

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